Boren New Materials (Guangzhou) shares Co., Ltd.

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  • China Boren New Materials (Guangzhou) shares Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Boren New Materials (Guangzhou) shares Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Boren New Materials (Guangzhou) shares Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Boren New Materials (Guangzhou) shares Co., Ltd. company profile
Company Details
Main Market: North America, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East
Business Type: Manufacturer, Seller
Brands: boren
No. of Employees: 120~150
Annual Sales: 8000000-10000000
Year Established: 2010
Export p.c: 80% - 90%
Customers Served: 500

Dear Visitor,


Welcome to our independent website! As a company specializing in the manufacturing of adhesive label materials, we are honored to provide you with a wide range of high-quality label materials to meet your labeling needs in various fields.


Whether you need to create barcode labels, label stickers, or materials suitable for brand packaging printing, we have an extensive product line to fulfill your diverse requirements. Our adhesive label materials exhibit outstanding adhesion, printing quality, and durability, ensuring excellent performance in various applications.


Our team consists of experienced professionals who are ready to offer personalized consultation and support to ensure that the label materials you choose fully comply with your specifications and requirements. Whether you are a large-scale manufacturer or a startup, we are eager to collaborate with you to provide the best label solutions.


While browsing our independent website, if you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you and delivering exceptional adhesive label materials and services.

Thank you once again for choosing our independent website, and we hope to meet and exceed your expectations!


The company was founded in January 2010. Since then, we have remained committed to providing customers with accurate and reliable products, as well as fast and convenient services. Today, we have over 300 customers, with more than 80% of them having partnered with us for over 5 years. These customers highly endorse our products and services.


We continuously elevate the company's management standards and service capabilities. This unwavering dedication has led us to achieve ISO9001 quality management system certification, marking a significant milestone in our pursuit of excellence. With this accomplishment, we are further motivated to exert greater efforts, striving for continuous progress. Our goal is to deliver satisfactory products and services to even more customers in need.


We extend a warm invitation to become our customer and join our ever-expanding community of satisfied clients. Your needs are our top priority, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to provide you with products and services that consistently meet and exceed your expectations. Welcome to become a valued member of our customer base.


Company Service Introduction:

  • Free Samples:

  • We offer free samples to ensure that customers can test and confirm our products before placing orders. We provide A4-sized samples for material testing and quality assurance, as well as small sample rolls suitable for small-batch production. Customers only need to pay the sample shipping fee to avail of this convenience.


  • Customized Specifications:

  • We understand that each project may have special requirements. Therefore, we offer customized specification services to meet the unique needs of customers. We cut according to customer's slitting requirements to ensure accurate specifications and provide high-quality products. Whether it's size, shape, or other specifications, we can adjust them according to customer requirements.


  • Product Customization:

  • For customers with specific requirements, we offer product customization services. Customers can freely combine face materials, adhesives, and liners according to their needs, creating unique label materials to meet specific application requirements.


How to get samples:


1. Requirement Communication and Confirmation:

First, you should clearly specify detailed product requirements, including but not limited to material, base paper, adhesive, special requests, and other specific requirements. This can be accomplished through our product guide or by communicating with our customer support team.

2. Completing the Sample Application Form (Assisted by Customer Service):

Based on the information you provide, our customer service representatives will assist you in filling out the "Sample Application Form" and ensure that the form includes all necessary product specifications and special requests. Customer service personnel will verify the information you provide to ensure its accuracy.

3. Payment of Sample Shipping Fee:

We will send you a Letter of Credit (LC) order. Our samples are provided free of charge, and you only need to cover the shipping fee for the samples. If you qualify for a shipping fee waiver, our customer service team will provide you with the relevant discount information or guidance.

4. Sample Shipping Processing:

Once we receive the sample order and confirm the payment, we will initiate the preparation and packaging process for the samples. Once the samples are ready, we will promptly ship them to you via courier and upload the logistics certificate to the platform. You can track the logistics information at any time.

5. Collection of Feedback:

After you receive the samples, our customer service team will collect your feedback to ensure your satisfaction with the samples. Your feedback will help us continually improve product quality and meet the needs of more customers.




Our Team

Team Introduction:

Our team is a dynamic and talented group of professionals committed to providing excellent services and solutions to meet various customer needs. Here are the core members of our team:

Management Team:

Our management team possesses extensive industry experience and outstanding leadership capabilities. Their vision and strategic planning guide us in the ever-evolving market, ensuring our competitiveness.

R&D Team:

Our R&D team is at the forefront of innovation, constantly seeking new materials and technologies to keep our products on the cutting edge. They are dedicated to developing customized solutions that meet customer demands.

Sales and Customer Support:

Our sales team is passionate and provides personalized consultations to help customers choose the most suitable products and services.

The customer support team ensures that customers receive high-quality support and assistance throughout the collaboration.

Production and Quality Control:

Our production team manufactures products efficiently and sustainably, ensuring on-time deliveries to customers. The quality control team is committed to ensuring that every product meets our strict quality standards.

Customer Relationship Management:

Our customer relationship management team establishes and maintains long-term partnerships, closely communicating with customers, understanding their needs, and ensuring that our services continually adapt to market changes.

Our team embodies a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and customer-centricity, always placing customer success at the forefront. With diverse skills and experiences as our foundation, we consistently strive to provide excellent products and services to meet the varied needs of our customers. We look forward to collaborating with you and delivering the best solutions.